Oman Day Tours

The Essence of Arabia

With excellent climate and mesmerizing tourist attractions, Oman's sights are a treat for your eyes. If you would like experience Oman in all its authenticity but have a limited time, pick one of our Day Tours below and we'll make sure your trip is a memorable one!

Muscat City Tour

Muscat is among the most important cities on the Sea of Arabia, having held this status and position from the 11th century. Today, the capital area is a prime example of intelligent and aesthetic development, blending ancient and modern.


This half-day tour in the city starts in the morning taking you to the enlightening Sultan Qaboos Grande Mosque, experience Oman through time at the Natural History Museum, a trip to the Traditional Markets (Souks) at the Muttrah known for its Gold, Silver and Wooden Adornments and finally a walk around the Old Town of Muscat including a visit to the Al Alam Palace and16th Century Forts, Jalali and Mirani.

Nizwa and Jabrin Tour

Nizwa holds significant historical and cultural significance to Oman as the birthplace of Islam in the sultanate as well as its former capital. 

Nizwa is home to a variety of scenic oases, valleys (Wadis) and beautiful villages. This old capital boasts a 17th Century Round Tower Fort, the magnificent Jabrin Castle, the untouched ruins of its old settlements, and Bahla Fort, part of the UNESCO Worldwide Cultural Heritage.

Desert Adventure

On this day tour, we leave behind the bustle of the city and head for the Wahiba Desert, a vast mass of red and white sea of sand. Traditionally, the Wahiba desert is the home of the Bedouin tribes, hardy spirited people who know how to survive in the inhospitable and tough terrain.


You get an thrilling dune drive on our 4WD vehicle, after which visitors have the chance to have a close look at the Bedouin life by visiting their house, where you can also see various traditional handicrafts done by them.


Next will proceed to Wadi Bani Khalid, considered as the most beautiful Wadi in Oman, there you can see water cascading down the gorgerin waterfalls. Take a chance to swim in the turquoise green and cool water pools and a nice picnic.

Oman Day Tours

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