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Marhaba from HashtagOman! We are a tourism company focusing on promoting the culture of Oman and all the wonders that Oman has to offer. All our services and programs are educational, interactive and a memorable experience.


We were established to cater to our guests' individual needs from trip personalization to bespoke itinerary. Depending on how you want to experience Oman, our guides and specialists can develop a schedule that works for you! From dune bashing to historical monument visits, you get to decide when and where you take photos!

What We Do

From cultural awareness programs to bespoke historical, natural and exotic tours around the Sultanate of Oman, our team at HashtagOman is here to make your stay in Oman as memorable as possible. 

Our experienced tour specialists and guides are dedicated to ensuring that all our guests are at their utmost comfort in their duration in Oman. 


Choose from a variety of pre-packaged tours, to your very own bespoke tour with a personalized itinerary just for you.


Visit the hidden gems of Oman with our Roundtrip packages! Let us take you by the hand and show you the sights you will never forget.

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